Six students from Germany have been recorded in Austria by an avalanche and partially buried. The police announced on Wednesday, all survived the incident virtually unharmed. The slab avalanche is triggered in the area of the Wildkogel ski area, below the mountain station. The foothills of the avalanche captured the students at a Skiwegquerung and down to cracks in the runway edge of an embankment. Two of the young people (16 and 17) were very, two (both 17) to the partly buried. Two more (16 and 17) were recorded by the avalanche but not buried.

The 29-year-old teacher and another student were lucky and came with the avalanche in contact. The avalanche overcame a difference in altitude of around 500 meters.

Within a very short time succeeded in following the skiers and the other members of the student group, people to places and to mountains. The four Captured were, as a precaution, taken to the hospital. The young people belong to the eleventh class of the Elisabeth-gymnasium in Halle.