Are Slingshots Wind Instruments Virus
Are Slingshots Wind Instruments Virus

Science helps the orchestra – Are flinging brass a Virus?Swiss orchestral musician, and occupational hygienists have performed in Basel in air measurements. You should provide data for a safety concept. And thus a basis for the restart.Susanne Kübler8 Kommentare8Wie many aerosols spread a trombone? The trombonist David Bruchez-Lalli and the occupational hygienists Thomas oak have tested it.Photo: Dominik Plüss

It is a strange appearance, the Tonhalle-trombonist David Bruchez-completed Lalli da. His audience is a Sensor, and more important than a beautiful sound as loud is. He still plays like in the concert, the big Solo from Mahler’s Symphony No. 3, the “Tuba mirum” from Mozart’s Requiem. If already, because already.

in addition to him, the industrial hygienist Thomas oak sits memberships, with mask, Laptop and all sorts of other device. It measures the Aerosol concentration in the air flowing from the trombone – that is, the density of micro-droplets, which could float in space and transmit viruses. Similar experiments are currently running in Germany, but oak wanted to make your own Tests: “The more data, the more precise are the security rules derived from them.” The authorities should not have the “worst case” date, but by the facts.

And time is of the essence: At the 27. May want to decide the Federal Council, as it continues with events for under a thousand people. Then the orchestra will know when they can get started, and above all: how. Trombonist David Bruchez-Lalli tells the story of the charity performance by the Czech Philharmonic orchestra, in the brass with the black masks they wore. A scary event, “because you have to consider whether you should play at all”.

on the Other hand, he has enjoyed it very much, in this brand new tasting centre on the Basel Picasso place, once again, properly according to be: “To go home, not because of the neighbors and also because of my own ears.” The orchestra, the Interplay, the sound in the large room, missing him. And colleagues feel the same, “we absolutely want to start again, in whatever Form”.

you can it in the foreseeable period of time: This is in the orchestral scene is currently cautiously optimistic. The Basel Symphony orchestra wants to finish the season, if possible, in mid-June, in accordance with Bruckner’s Symphony no 9, in the chamber version of Hanns Eisler, and, if necessary, only as a live stream without an audience. Also, the Tonhalle orchestra of Zurich is still working on details for the next few weeks. The season has been ended prematurely, but on small gigs here and there, it is hoped nevertheless.

Already, members of both orchestras in Micro-formations on-the-go, you are playing in or in front of old people’s homes, in Basel you can order the “music taxi”, also in private. The interest is high, with the musicians as the audience. After all the Streaming, the desire grows to Live experiences.

You can’t blow with a trumpet, even a candle.

David Bruchez-Lalli, trombonist

But back in the hall to Thomas’s Successful experiments. He has increased the distance between the trombonist and the Sensor, in the meantime, a mass band at the bottom shows the exact route. In the morning, with the woodwinds of the Symphony orchestra Basel, he had to leave it at 50 centimeters, “my main interest was the comparison between Games and normal Breathing”.

Also from Zurich, travelled in brass, this comparison is true, a hurricane remains. David Bruchez-Lalli is not amazed, “you can’t blow with a trumpet, even a candle”. Thomas oak confirmed it: What I come from the trombone, was “very much less than a Sneeze”. This statement refers to the air current; the concentration of aerosols in this air flow, you will know only after the evaluation of the results.

The Only thing you can say in the Basel room after five of eight attempts, is therefore this: that the various instruments, different results will arise. Flutists about to bubble over the mouth piece of time, your Instrument is aimed sideways on the seat neighbors. In the case of the oboist, however, all the air goes into the blowpipe and down. And once again, it is different with the trombones or trumpets, able to play forward and also condensation will produce.


the absence of But even if around 60’000 in this day collected individual data, you will still need to decide what you mean now. Because there are no limits for this Situation; oak can determine how many aerosols are in the air blast, but the question of when there are too many, is not clarified.

you will need to be answered in the concept in terms of the 27. May is submit. Possible orchestral lineups, it will go therein, and, thus, also to possible occupations. In the next few months, already back to the big symphonies can be played, so that it is attributed to in Basel, in Zurich. Probably until the end of the year, the Basel orchestra Director Francis Theurillat, estimates with smaller formations, and adjusted Repertoire to get along.

trombonist David Bruchez-Lalli is so still need to wait for some time until he can play the Mahler Solo again at the concert. But maybe it will works to perform in the symphonic operation, otherwise too short: That would be in the truest sense of the word fresh air for the concert of life.

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