Britain’s Prince Philip has had to blow after his car accident into the tube. Both in the accident on Thursday involved a driver would have to undergo an alcohol test, police said Norfolk. In two the result was negative. The 97-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II was met with his all-terrain vehicle in the vicinity of the castle Sandringham with a Kia.

The all-terrain vehicle of the Prince was upset, according to media reports, as he drove from a side street onto a main road and the other vehicle collided. Prince Philip remained unharmed, as a doctor, according to the Buckingham noted Palace later.

An eye-witness, who helped the 97-Year-old out of the overturned car, told the newspaper “The Sun” that the Prince was “very, very shocked and upset”.

the Two occupants of the Kia were injured: The driver suffered cuts to their Mitfahrerin was injured in the Arm. Both were treated in the hospital, but were released, police said.

Probably Philip, accompanied by his bodyguard

According to a report by the news Agency Press Association was in Philips, another inmate, in which it was likely to be his bodyguards cars. On a photo from the scene of the accident, which was published on the Website of a local radio station, was a car lying on its side with a broken windshield and a few meters away to see a car in the middle of bushes.