Launched in 2016 to replace the employment bonus and the activity RSA, the activity bonus meets a dual objective. Financially support low-income workers and encourage the unemployed to find a job. Like other social benefits, it was increased by 4% this summer under the law on purchasing power.

All French people who work and whose income does not exceed a certain threshold can benefit from it. If you are self-employed, you no longer need to ask yourself the question: yes, you are entitled to this aid paid by the CAF.

This status, however, gives rise to “some specificities” that it is better to know before making your request, reports the site For auto-entrepreneurs, it is indeed the annual turnover that is taken into account.

To be entitled to the activity bonus, the latter must not exceed 85,200 euros for traders and 34,400 euros for craftsmen and the liberal professions. If you meet this condition, the CAF then calculates the amount of your premium based on your resources for the last three months, as for an employee.

The auto-entrepreneur must therefore also complete his quarterly tax return, including all household resources, including aid such as APL (Personalised Housing Assistance) or ARE (Return to Home Assistance Allowance). use). Maternity or sickness benefits must also be mentioned.

If you respect the resource ceilings established by the CAF, you will therefore be able to receive the activity bonus, which is paid on the 5th of each month. To find out more precisely the amount you can claim, CAF has made an online simulator available to you. This premium can reach a maximum of €563.68 for a single person without children.