To be only out of pity was never my goal 1
To be only out of pity was never my goal 1

To be blind hotel professional “out of pity, was never my goal” Jean Baldo has been completed as the first blind Person in the hotel school successfully. Today, he works in the dark restaurant, Blind cow, and behind-the-Scenes. Anita Suter (travel content)1 Kommentar1Hotelier and Restaurateur, in spite of visual impairment: Jean Baldo.Video: Markus smurf (travel content)

When we meet Jean Baldo on a Sunny spring day in Zurich, we still know nothing of the upcoming week-long closure of his workplace. The exception to this situation is already in the air, because Mr Baldo cancellations in the Restaurant, the Blind cow, more and more Reservation. The 45-Year-old in the afternoon with a whole school class (in a room! Without Social Distancing!) the path of the Senses in the dark restaurant will welcome, seems a few days later, like a dream from a past age.

But on this day, the (Gastro)world, for the most part so, as we know it-and Jean Baldo, blind from birth, is doing what he does four times a week, He travels from his place of residence in the Canton of Thurgau, with train and Tram to Zürich Stadelhofen, from where he made his way over to the train station makes with the aid of a cane on target space.

The road to transition, he pauses. “This is the 11i-Tram, now we stop for a second,” he explains. And explained the reason: “Then it always has so many people on the sidewalk.” That is the long and usually very well-staffed Tram newer model, white Jean Baldo because of his fine hearing. We wait for the passers-by stream and finally reach by Tram and walk to the Restaurant, the Blind cow in Zurich Seefeeld.

all-round service with heart’s blood

on The first floor of the idyllically situated building Jean Baldo has his own office. At first glance, it differs in nothing from the work of a sighted Person. Until the Thurgau begins to use his Computer with an unusual keyboard. The device translated into Braille, in the wind, Jean Baldo fingers flit about. Also the narrator voice speaks so quickly that the word ends and beginnings for the untrained ear can hardly be distinguished from each other. There are two important tools that enable him to read and Reply to E-Mails as well as access to the reservation system and the use of planning.

Jean Baldo has now been working for seven years in the Restaurant, the Blind cow. First, as a seasonal service temporary help, signed today in an 80 percent workload for reservations, as well as the planning of the work responsible. And with works regularly even in the Service, which is very important to him. Because he likes those “full service”, as he calls it. “First of all, I accept the Reservation. Then I welcome the guests, and ultimately, I serve you even at the table,” he explains.

his hosts, the Jean Baldo is – and it makes him visibly happy. But the path to here was not without pitfalls, and, as much as he can elicit, the first choice in the catering and hospitality industry-Business. “I would like to become a music teacher for me,” the passionate choir singer and a keyboard player with a bit of melancholy. Or A Pilot. To draw a plane or even a car, “that would be what,” gushes it out of him.

But not enough for all these things, “it’s easy”, says Baldo. It is not enough just for this sentence he heard often in his life. But with his fighting spirit, coupled with a charming verbal Repartee he has taught so many sceptics wrong.

points with practice and experience

Jean Baldo the school for the blind Sonnenberg visited first in Baar, the trade school, with KV the completion of ZG, then gleichenorts. To have a solid training in the bag, so Baldo, seemed obvious. About the visually impaired the help of Basel, he can visit the Swisscom operator school. A teacher taught him the internship in the five star hotel Waldhaus in Sils Maria in the mountains of Grisons.

The positioned in Eastern Switzerland, feels comfortable in the Job, takes a skeptical staff and guests soon once the Wind out of the sails. To be “only out of pity, was never my goal,” notes Baldo clear because it is also haunting. The internship is progressing to General satisfaction, and so he gets this season back to the forest house, will be happy if the encounters with the regulars. “But I realized soon that I wanted more than just the Telefonistenjob make,” says Baldo.

Actually, Jean Baldo would not have become the beloved music teacher.Photo: PD

in 2001, he is taken in spite of initial concerns at the hotel school Belvoir Park. “We had to first find their way”, and says in addition to himself, the teachers and his classmates. The pace of teaching is fast, but it is in the students support and shares, in turn, from the practice acquired Knowledge and Expertise with you.

No Rag

Today, Jean Baldo carries the title “certified Restaurateur and Hotelier HF” and has let the educators educate. For the Blind cow, he has operated as a Guide for the prior three years, launched City-Walks – tours of the city, where participants learn in Zurich from the perspective of a visually impaired Person to know.

With his destiny, so Baldo, don’t complain about it. His work makes him Fun. In his spare time, Jean moves Baldo, skiing, music, travel. He is interested in sound engineering and is engaged as a trainer on several occasions. Only sometimes, when he needed to get from A to B and it’s complicated will – then, a small show it flashes back a little wistfully from the glad nature, he would rise very much in a car and drive off.

The Restaurant is the Blind cow in Zurich, where, in complete darkness, fed receives for the 13. May guests.

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