as the Sunday draws to an active regenzone all over the country. In the afternoon, there are, here and there, opklaringen, but also a few showers. A clap of thunder cannot be ruled out. The limits vary between 7 ° c in the Ardennes plateau, and 16 degrees celsius in the western part of the country. When the wind is blowing moderately from the south-east, later, veering to the west and to the sea, a temporary aanwakkerend to be quite powerful, to be powerful, with wind gusts of up to 60 km/h. That report, the royal meteorological institute.

Sunday evenings and all day and night is the part to remain cloudy with the first bit of rain or a storm. It will be foggy with a chance of fog in the case of a opklaringen. The margins range from 2 ° in the belgian Ardennes, and 9 degrees celsius in the western part of the country. The wind blows weakly to moderate from changing directions, clearing to the east.

Monday: is almost completely dry, and changing to remain cloudy. At the end of the day, with the chance of rain in the north-west corner. The ceilings are between 10 and 15 degrees celsius.

Tuesday remain cloudy with rain or showers. We collect 11 up to 16 degrees, with a growing wind from the west to the south-west direction.

you can Also Wednesday of the time there is rain or a few showers, and there is quite a lot of wind. The limits range between 9 and 14 degrees celsius.

Thursday: , there are a few local showers and still quite windy. Ceilings of up to 16 degrees).

Friday , there is still a chance of a storm, but eventually it will be dry with opklaringen from the south. The Maxima at 16 and 17 degrees celsius in the center of the country.

Saturday it would be dry, sometimes with a broad opklaringen. A high of 15 to 20 degrees.