According to the model of the French “yellow West”movement have demonstrated, thousands of protesters on Saturday in London against the British government. They demanded, in view of the Brexits an end to the austerity policies and hold a new election. The call of the campaign “The People’s Assembly Against Austerity” followed by politicians and trade unionists from many Parts of the country. About 5000 to 10,000 demonstrators would have participated, said a spokeswoman for the organizer in a first estimate of the German press Agency.

The policies of austerity and the Brexit have shared the organizers, according to the Nation. “Since the Tories taking over, has doubled the number of homeless people,” said Steve Turner from the Unite Union, who is also Vice-chief of the campaign. The national health service NHS, the care sector and the schools were shaken by crises. “We are dealing here with a government to the everyday concerns of the people are completely foreign.”

“Britain is broken”

Also representatives of the “yellow West”movement in France took part in the Demonstration in London. “All European countries should join in this fight against the austerity policy,” said a participant from France, the British news Agency PA.

The movement had been formed in November in France, to protest against the reform policy of the President and Emmanuel Macron, and against the too low a perceived purchasing power. The term for the movement goes back to the yellow safety vests for drivers who also carry the protesters. In England, the West had a part in addition, the inscription: “Britain is broken”.

the UK wants to leave at the end of March from the European Union. The British Parliament will vote on Tuesday on the Brexit-agreement, the Prime Minister, Theresa May and Brussels have negotiated. It is considered very unlikely that the Deal is concluded. In the case of leaving the EU without agreement of Chaos.