Unpredictable Foreign Policy To The Detriment Of America


The message you hear, but the Belief is already missing for a long time. When the American Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, as it is now in Cairo, fundamental remarks on the foreign power politics of the United States, then that means nothing. Because, as Pompeo said, but Washington will not withdraw from the Middle East, it will continue the fight against the IS and other terrorist organizations.

Tags it is known that the retreat has just begun. Whether this led to the last consequence to the end? You don’t know it. Pompeo wanted to criticize in Cairo, the former President Obama. But as Donald Trump is actually there, in the light of remarks like this: You have seen it, says Pompeo, and rightly, that American Withdrawals of Chaos result, that America’s enemies would be stronger if Washington can make common cause with them.

just as it is, but that’s the way the current President behaves. Since when does “America first” actually, the President deals primarily with America damage?!