The hague –
Paul Nicoulaan in Eisden-Tuinwijk (the Hague) has a Monday night at around 19 pm, a fight occurred in which a young man with a wounds suffered. The young man was on the spot, the first given to you by a MUG team, which he did with the vehicle it was disposed of. It is unclear what the mood of the event have to be played.

local Residents have been alarmed by the cries on the street, where two cars had been stopped. A young woman was hysterically screaming. At a certain point in time, it was a young man in a vehicle pulled up, and after some of the blows received. Then he wounds are administered. He had a wound on his leg. In order for the bleeding to stop, it was on his leg, and with a few pieces of clothing tied off. In the meantime, the young man was down on the road. The people involved in the struggle were able to escape.

The local police and a central location-the Hague, came to the place of the facts. They also did a buurtonderzoek, and spoke to local residents on.