The Russian performance artist Pyotr Pawlenski has been sentenced in Paris to a year in prison, because he had been placed in an art action at a Bank branch on fire. The French news Agency AFP reported on late Thursday evening. Behind the art have been, in the case of a gesture, the people have placed in danger, said the judge, according to the report before the pronouncement of the judgment.

Pawlenski – known for radical actions, had in October 2017 fire to a branch of the French Central Bank, it is created according to earlier information, the Bank’s damage in the entrance area. During the court proceedings, the 34-year-old artist said according to AFP that it was “historically shameful” that the Banque de France has set up a branch on the square of the Bastille, a Central stage for the French Revolution. He wanted them out of there.

Pawlenski received according to the report, damage to property and risk to other a sentence of three years, two of them on probation. Also his Ex-girlfriend was sentenced accordingly in the matter. You got a two-year prison sentence, 16 months of which were suspended to probation.