Temse –

In Steendorp, near the town of Temse, there are five andersvalide persons in critical moments, when their bus in the Scouselestraat had to avoid an oncoming car, and in the more shoulder got stuck. The van rolled the egg over and was in danger of further slipping away.

The driver and an attendant were passengers to calm down, and months for them to be quiet and to stay seated until help arrived. The fire brigade arrived on the spot and had to get the van in first with the air bag on-air and support level. It is only when that happens could be the vehicle’s occupants, one by one, as their critical position in guiding.

Photo: bfs

Luckily, things fell into place. It fell, no one injured, though there were a few, considerably startled. Once they get to were they were able to travel by car again.