As a trained philosopher, the beat, which is one Of Bellegem in a different direction than most of its peers. Your own home renovation, he became interested in alternative building methods and materials, and he founded five years ago, the COUNCIL, which is a concept store for the clay and lime renders, set, so and the paint. “I have worked with have always been happy with my hands.”

the COUNCIL has been in existence since 2014,” says Bernard. “My partner is a interior decorator. We both worked for in a matter which is of ecological paints and materials, to share the load. That is where our interest in the matter comes from. We wanted to be with clay and lime renders matter in the alternative, the bio-ecological atmosphere in the draw. The materials, which is the more soul is put in a space other than the default, paint, or plaster. Five years ago, we were among the first that have natural materials as an aesthetically pleasing alternative in the market place. Today, a growing number of projects – residential, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc., in consultation with the architects and interior designers, of which there is an affinity with it.”

“We’re looking for a new combination of colors and the textures that we create, at the intersection of art, design, and decoration.” Of-store sales grew COUNCIL, to the execution of the project. “This product is not for sale, they also have to put. It is a craft and meticulous work. The beauty lies in the hand of the user. Our plaster is a finish, it must be perfect. I am looking for installers with a profile that is between a painter and a plasterer in. A plasterer is usually less of a feeling for the fine decoration, and finish. Painters that often, but they are working not like to be with a band aid.”