with The Travel Guarantee fund encourages travelers to “not have to pay for it and itself is not a return to the books. All of the passengers will get their money back, even those that already have a balance to pay for a future trip. But it will, however, be time-consuming.

in the more than 20 million. That is an estimate of the extent of the damage that the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook will have to bring to the table. That said, Mark Devriendt, president of the Travel Guarantee fund, this afternoon, as well as with our support team. It’s a lot more than the $ 4.3 million of equity from the fund. But, according to De Vriendt, not that the passengers should be worried.

All passengers will be reimbursed. “We do have an internal buffer of 15.4 million euros, was constructed, and, for high risks, such as Thomas Cook, are there any additional bank guarantees and reinsurance contracts concluded. They’re all active.” What this means is that even banks and insurance companies, a large part of the damage will have to pay for it.

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the Refundable

The passengers do not have to give up hope. “They can use our website to file a claim to get their money back,” said managing director Mark De Vriendt of the fund. The people who are in the bad news of their trip has been cancelled, will be covered by the fund and get their money back. “They get a hundred percent refund. All I know is that the suffering does not compensate for the holiday that has not been able to move forward.”

De Vriendt warned that it may take some time. “It’s going to take some time to process it,” he says. “But they can rest assured.”

the Empty aircraft

Also, for the people by the winding-up to be stuck in foreign countries, the Guarantee is good news. “We’re going to make sure they are able to come back, and, if possible, even at the scheduled time. If necessary, we will send an empty plane to another in order to get people to go to to pick up.” The customers of the hotel where they are staying asked to re-pay it is recommended by De Vriendt, that didn’t do it. “It is against the law.”

The risk appears to be small to non-existent over the course of a week, travelling with Thomas Cook and will depart.

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