A thief is a bold method to make more than $ 120,000 (109.000 euros) on the jewels and the money to sit it out.” The guy disguised himself as a pakjesbezorger, FedEx, and gave them a false pack of to use themselves to connect with an accomplice. They would end up with the box off, and disappeared without a trace.

the house is lost and the perpetrators have no time and tied them to the existing home of an elderly couple, a 35-year-old woman, from head to toe with duct tape. The accomplice of the pakjesbezorger’ took a quick look around the house and dragged the safe to the bottom. They were asking repeatedly for help to open the safe, but took the thing and eventually, when they are not listened to at their full potential.

The culprits have disappeared, in a vehicle, and, for the time being, lost without a trace. It struck, no one injured during the robbery, but the victims are still under the impression of the occurrence of the event. According to the police, they stole $ 40,000 in notes and steal them for the $ 80,000 of jewels.

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the Man was furious at the driver, which of the three packs of one, which, by a colleague were made: “Be watchful,”

Pakjesbezorger leaves trail of destruction in your wake and after

Pakjesbezorger is more than that package alone but it is caught in the act
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