Case Relotius: contracts of two mirrorexecutives to be put on ice


    a week after the forgery scandal by a former “mirror”Reporter, the magazine puts the contracts of two executives, first on ice. The designated editor-in-chief Steffen Klusmann, announced in a Letter to the employee, such as a mirror spokeswoman for the German press Agency confirmed on Friday evening. Previously, the “image”newspaper had reported about it.

    Klusmann wrote in the German press-Agency in the present letter, the case of the reporter Claas Relotius have raised for some the question of whether Ullrich Fichtner as the editor-in-chief, and Matthias Geyer as the sheet makers are after such a “Disaster” is actually still wearable. “The one has discovered Claas Relotius for the mirror, the other has him as a permanent employee and to last.”

    He did not want to dismiss the case Relotius here lightly, writes Klusmann. “He’s too big and too dangerous. And it is not yet understood. I have agreed, therefore, with Matthias Ullrich, that we have their new contracts first, expose and rest until the Commission has investigated the case, finally.“

    as Long as he’ll ask for two more experienced colleagues, as the sheet makers to help out at the book, writes Klusmann. He emphasized that it had taken a long time, a new editor-in-chief together, the supplements. “Clearly, everyone is replaceable, just some much more difficult.”