the VIEWS, it has not yet recovered from the sudden transfer of the athletic advisor, Frank Vercauteren for Anderlecht, after a loss in the previous match against the Midlands were the troops of Vincent Euvrard once again crashed, this time at hekkensluiter in Roeselare. The team from West-flanders, after a big 2 on the 27th, at day 10 and to their first win of the season with a clear 3-1 figures, and that it was against the leader at 1B. The opening goal was scored by Siemen walk to the friend’s Nina Derwael. And while they were in germany, gold is picked out on the bridge and the uneven bars.

The audience at the Schiervelde, had their eyes, to rub: after more than a half-hour of play it was the hosts 3-0 in front after the list is Siemen Foot of the friend of world champion gymnastics, Nina Derwael – Yhoan Andzouana and Jens Naessens. OHL coach of the Vincent Euvrard grabbed another before the break with a double-bill of exchange – including striker Jeremy Perbet had to pay for it, but a lot of help and brought that to the band. Roeselare did this season and still be in the home for more than a single goal to be scored in 90 minutes, while the forces of Arnar Grétarsson is now with a three-goal lead to the dressing rooms and went into.

when the peace came and the visitors are a little more set-up, but their sight was not keen. On the other side seemed to be a strong goalkeeper Laurent Henkinet is still heavier loss data and for the people from louvain take. Deep into injury time, scored a Thomas, Henry, the eerredder for the visitors, 3-1. Roeselare is used for OH Leuven in the third defeat of the season.

In all, the state shares the VIEWS of the head with the Football, both have scored 19 points and the same goal difference, but in Leuven it has to be more goals scored. Roeselare will remain in spite of the stuntzege last one, but it reduces the size of the gap If for the time being up to 2 points. Immediately after playing Saturday night, however, was still at Virton, that’s a victory only in the direction. We also have Scenery-the Union in the programme.

for More on OH Leuven in The Vercauteren-effect. A new team of Anderlecht and the picks right to win, old team, JOHANNES is in place to wriggle out of VIEWS: “The timing of Vercauteren, and the performance of Anderlecht will have been a disappointment for the club, OH Leuven, rounds out this difficult clip with Beerschot, and it skips re-Union to lead Large wins for Club Brugge and AA Gent, Anderlecht and STVV with a fright in the Croky Cup