Four of the visitors to the theme park, the theme park Walibi in Wavre, were Saturday afternoon, at around 30 meters, the height is locked in the basket of the attraction of ‘Talk Terror’. For a moment, 19: 45, everyone was set free. No one was injured. This is considered the hulpverleningszone of Walloon-Brabant (netherlands).

The fire department, and the specialized intervention team (GRIMP) was on Saturday, shortly after the 16 hours called for an intervention in the environment. The four visitors were, at that time, for more than an hour locked in the ” ‘Talk Terror’.

A dozen or so firefighters and eight GRIMP members were involved in the evacuation. “In the twenty-year anniversary of the ride, this is the first time that we have these benefits need to do so,” said a spokesman for the hulpverleningszone of Walloon-Brabant (netherlands).