Energy savings: 5 government measures to make you consume less


In October 2022, the government launched the energy sobriety plan, with the aim of “getting out of fossil fuels more quickly and being more efficient in our energy consumption”. Through six measures, the plan aims to reduce the energy consumption of French households by 10% by 2024.

For their part, the local authorities are called upon to reduce the electricity consumption linked to public lighting and to reduce the heating of sports equipment as well as that of public buildings.

Beyond measures to reduce energy consumption in the domestic sphere, the government aims to “build more sober mobility”. Thus, it encourages limiting travel by motorized vehicle as much as possible, encouraging carpooling and advocating soft mobility when this is possible (bicycle or scooter). In addition, the energy sobriety plan provides for several points aimed at supporting the French in this transition, in order, according to Elisabeth Borne, “to take our climatic and energy destiny in hand”. Here they are :