The debate was about couples who are together out of life, at the end of their life, which arises high up in the United Kingdom. The daughter of Mavis Eccleston, the 80-year-old woman, who, along with her very ill husband out of the life, has tried to step in, but the self that has survived, pleading for understanding, for in her found not guilty as a mother. “Change the law”, she asks.

After being married for 60 years, was Mavis (80) and Dennis Eccleston (81) in the Uk Staffordshire it enough. The man suffered for several years with colon cancer, which he was in extreme pain and his quality of life has drastically saw a reduction. If the stop were they are, so they decided to put together and it’s life by a lethal overdose of medication to take.

the Survive

now, Dennis, died in the hospital, where Mavis had survived it. She was arrested and charged with the murder of her husband. “When I was in the hospital once again woke up, I found that very annoying,” she said at her three-week trial, where they will eventually be found not guilty as it was. “I don’t regret what I have done to you.”

According to the woman, her husband, in 2015, has already said that he’d rather wanted to die than to have to fight off the cancer. “I wanted to be with my husband. You could be one animal, not even allow to dispense with, such as Dennis, the bad. I don’t regret what I did, and I wouldn’t want to go back.”

the heart-rending picture:

In February of 2018 and beyond, they tried to be together in the life and left a suicide note for their families. Accompanying the letter was a final picture of the two of them, which is a Tuesday by their daughter, Joy Munns been made public. It requires an understanding and a change in the law, for the couples who are together out of life, want to switch, in some rare cases, like this one.

“My brother, Kevin, and I have decided to take this picture to share with you”, she wrote on the social media. “Our 80-year-old mother out of here as a couple? We will share the photo in order to show what the families experience when they have loved ones, see a loved one suffer. My mother wanted to be with him out of the life, and she didn’t want to to be with the love of her life, so to see it for yourself. She wanted to get even for her own life. In particular, they do not murder the accused must have been? Loved ones will need to continue to suffer the law not to change it.”

It is bijgetreden by Sarah Wooton, chief executive officer of the organization Dignity in Dying, which calls for the legalisation of a ‘accompanied suicide’. “Our broken laws has led to the fact that a dying man and his life in secret, it had to end, and his faithful wife, nearly a lifetime locked away, it was because she was acting out of less than. A kind-hearted and honest, the family’s 18 months of hell you went.”

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