the Following is a game of the Dutch football team, the Raiders , it was very crowded in the subway station. One careless man walking down the tracks, just at the time that there was a train aangeraasd it came out. Stationsmedewerker John O’connor-he could just grab it and go back to the platform, a drag: “I thought the train would have hit him in the half and would cut it down. I just wanted to see him die like this.”

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a Woman ends up unconscious on the track for the future tram, when the passenger next to me pass out

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a Woman has been distracted by a smartphone and is running loose in the tracks when the subway arrives, and:

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find out More about that by any chance? Couple from Thai prison, escaped, two days later, picked up the Chaos at the petrol station; for many board members to take advantage of the free gas due to a defect, We went to have a look at the first of the Jumbo in our country, what do you think it is all, and what do the customers think of it? A moment of panic on the ship due to stormy weather, but there is this “typical Brits” are not a burden on