Our dog friends have, like us, their own fears and anxieties. But how to act when we don’t speak the language of our four-legged friends? Julie Faure, canine educator and behaviorist, shares her expert advice to Planet to relax our animals and reassure them.

For the specialist, one thing is certain: the best attitude to adopt in the face of a dog who is afraid is first of all to show that we are managing the situation. “If we communicate our stress or worry to them, it will only make things worse,” she explains.

“Remaining calm, showing that everything is fine and that the situation is normal, can help the dog to realize that finally there is nothing to worry about, and therefore help him to relax a little”, continues Julie Faure.

If your dog is in a state of stress, avoid petting and hugging him without appearing cold. The goal is to act as usual and distract him by offering him an activity or treat that he is familiar with.

“If your dog is hiding under a piece of furniture or in his kennel, do not dislodge him there: he could react badly because of fear. Let him calm down, and try to calmly call him a little later”, specifies the behaviourist.

In this type of situation, the human is a calming figure in which the animal must be able to trust. Please note: this does not mean that you should avoid stressful situations at all costs.

“This can reinforce the dog’s fear and comfort him in the idea he has of it”, underlines Julie Faure, who recalls that all animals are different: certain techniques can therefore help certain dogs and aggravate the situation. in others.

“In the case of a very stressed and frightened dog, the smell of food in most cases will not even be attractive: it is a real sign of discomfort because the object of fear takes precedence over the rest. “, notes the canine educator.

On the other hand, certain smells such as those of certain essential oils will have soothing properties for your pet.

For the sounds, the answer is once again to be adapted according to the character of your dog. “‘White noise’ can have a calming effect on the dog. Examples include the sound of a fan on the lowest level, the sound of the TV or radio in the background. This will depend on whether the dog has been used to it all small to these sounds, and if he is sensitive. This should not create the opposite effect!”, articulates Julie Faure.

In addition, certain gestures are to be avoided near our dog friends. Discover the list in our slideshow below.