Back to the 70’s! It was during the 1970s, in France, that certain cultural and political movements had the most opportunity to develop. How not to speak, for example, of the hippies and the disco genre, very fashionable at the time? Many of the objects produced at the time can still be resold, as evidenced by the platform, a site specializing in the sale of collectibles, aimed at the wealthiest enthusiasts but also those a little less wealthy. Perhaps you should therefore search your attic or your cellar: you could discover one or other of these products that some aficionados are ready to pay dearly for… Provided, of course, that these are authentic, rare and (it goes without saying) in excellent condition. More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this article.

In general, explains Le Figaro on its site, investing in a collection can prove to be relevant: it is a mode which “remains rich in opportunities”, explain our colleagues not without hesitating to continue: all are “as fascinating each other”.

That being said, certain types of objects seem more conducive to investment than others, can we read on the press title. This is often the case for children’s toys, certain types of alcohol (whisky stood out in particular in 2018), so-called “general public” collector cars, rare currencies (on which Planet had the opportunity to ‘write more than once)… and of course, art.