The incident on Saturday, the city of derby will not be without consequence. The police are going to the country to detect in the spionkop of the Club with a flag for Club Brugge in the fire, came to a halt. The association shall, to the Dispute, must account for it. Theoretically it is a match behind closed doors. Also, the Club will have to account for it.

SEE ALSO. Supporters are going to have the wrote this in the Bruges derby, flag, Club Brugge are set on fire and fireworks on to the field,

Cercle Brugge-End 0 – 2 Club Brugge and Report Layouts for The Pro League, approved last Friday, curtailments well. One of the most important decisions are: the use of pyrotechnic material – to say, but all that fire can be understood is to be banned in the stadium. Up to this point could be the use of flares and smoke bombs can only be punished if it is annoying for the game. Now, the principle is turned around: the fireworks at the stadium, it can never be, except the advance is being requested, such as when a titelviering. Since it was Saturday, no question, and, therefore, they are in Bruges to be a problem. Just prior to the kick-off was due to the two fan groups you’re a fire was lit. Some of the fans of Club Brugge and threw flares at the bottom, but if you want to in the field.

“The shame is over”.

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finally, After about 17 minutes, took a couple of heavy guys in the Club-spionkop, a blue-and-black flag was revealed. It was as provocative to them waved, and then she was set on fire. It was a few minutes in a sea of flames with the dancing of the Club-the fans surrounding it. Referee Nicolas Laforge called the captain and asked for the stadionomroeper to be able to.

the Club coach Fabien Mercadal. after the end of a worse turn when he was at the press conference, claimed that he was in the fire, had not been seen before. The initial poor response from the Club on the incident which was later corrected by the chairman Frans Schotte. “It’s the shame is over, and it has no place in a football stadium, where children will be present. We have to stand up for the values and standards of the Club, and have a flag on fire is definitely not one of them.”

The city police have images of the incident, and to try the offenders to the penalties with a impose. After the match, there were some incidents when the Clubfans is the Club-box, trying to connect to.

in Addition to the an individual’s supporters will risk the clubs to a penalty. The regulations allow penalties to range from 5,000 fine, up to one match behind closed doors.

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