Hiring an immigration lawyer is crucial in pursuing any immigration related case or endeavour. You cannot settle for someone who cannot give you what you deserve since it is a waste of money. Hiring a lawyer who cannot help you avoid deportation is frustrating since your capacity to stay in the country is on the line. You also do not want a lawyer who is only after the money received for the services you seek. You want someone who can help achieve your goals and stand by you. These are the qualities of top immigration solicitors London offers which you need to consider before hiring one.


While you cannot say that your lawyer needs to be there whenever you need the services, it is crucial to have someone who will find a way to meet with you and speak with you. Find a lawyer who is quite flexible and will make room in their schedule to attend to your needs. If he cannot be there, at least a backup lawyer will be there to help you.


Check the academic achievements of the lawyer before you decide to pursue your partnership. Apart from that, you need to check if the lawyer has enough experience specialising in immigration cases. Find out if he has won awards before and if he is a part of a group of lawyers who have a strong reputation in the industry. These qualifications will make you feel confident that you have someone who will defend you well.

Excellent references 

You can ask around to determine if you have a lawyer who will work well with you. If you have friends in the immigrant community who could recommend a lawyer, you need to prioritise that option. These immigrants went through the same robust process as you. They are the best people to give advice. You may also check online for reviews made by those who hired the services of the lawyer before if you do not know anyone.

Excellent public speaking skills 

By talking to the lawyer, you will know if he has excellent communication skills. It is critical in determining if you will win the case. You need a lawyer who is confident in responding to cases or when negotiating with another party.


Apart from all the professional qualities you can ask for, you also need a lawyer who is compassionate about the challenges that immigrants like you, face. You need someone who will be with you because he understands you.


You also need someone who is patient enough in dealing with you. Furthermore, you need a lawyer who will not quickly get irritated when things do not go as planned in court. You cannot afford to be with someone who cannot handle confrontations with the other party. During the presentation, your lawyer needs to show knowledge and logic to win the hearts of the judges.

Take your time searching for the right lawyer to help you. Do not just settle for someone who will represent you for a cheap legal fee, as your chances of winning are at stake.

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