In the case of the murder of Susanna has announced the Wiesbaden public Prosecutor’s office yesterday officially announced the indictment of the alleged killers of Ali Bashar. It accuses him, in the early hours of the morning of the 23.To have may 2018, the 14-year-old girl in the district heritage home and killed and raped.

for the First time, the public Prosecutor’s office announced also Details of the alleged Crime. Therefore, Bashar Susanna should be touched against their will, and sex demanded. In order to make them docile, he will have you strangled with a Branch at the neck or punched in the face. The girls have tolerated the required sexual intercourse, finally. As a fourteen-year-old then threatened to go to the police, should Bashar have you choked from behind with his Arm until she was dead. Then he had, Bashar nightlife is about 35 centimeters deep and a Meter wide hole on the top and the body placed in it.

Before the police could ask the suspects, however, managed to Ali Bashar and his family to flee into the Kurdish administered Region in Northern Iraq. Kurdish security forces felt the effects of Bashar, however, two days later and arrested him. Bashar was placed in a machine in the direction of Germany. On the return of the Federal police President Dieter Romann was personally involved. The operation of a controversy flared up because Iraq had not agreed to Central government in the delivery officially.

Against Romann was determined on suspicion of false imprisonment. The Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt has set the process in the meantime. “That’s all completed,” said the spokesperson of the authority. There is no sufficient evidence.

Bashar, however, must answer in a separate indictment for aggravated robbery and dangerous bodily harm for an incident in the Wiesbaden Kurpark, as well as for rape and severe sexual abuse of children. Victims should be, as reported, an eleven-year-old girl. To Bashar on December 27.April 2018 lured to his room in a refugee accommodation, locked and heavily abused and eventually raped. In two other sexual Offences on the girl in may 2018, the 14-year-old Afghan Mansoor, Q., a friend of Bashar, as well as the brother of Bashar were according to the findings of the Prosecutor’s office involved. Q. to have threatened the girl, and his sister later, “just as dead” to “this girl”, that is to say, Susanna, if you should contact the police. Against Q. the prosecution has also collected suit.