CF Montreal showed up in Vancouver hoping to bag their first points on the campaign road. However, hopes quickly turned to prayers.

The sky fell on the heads of Montreal and the Whitecaps crushed the CFM 5-0, Saturday night.

Samuel Piette, who returned to the game after two games away due to a groin injury, dropped in the fourth minute of play and was immediately replaced. Ominous.

The bad luck proved as in the 23rd minute of play, Rudy Camacho was awarded a red card. The house of cards then collapsed in a gust of wind.

The Whitecaps scored three goals before the end of the half and did it again in the second half with outrageous dominance.

After the home side’s fourth goal, Hernán Losada withdrew starters Kamal Miller, Aaron Herrera – visibly injured – and Victor Wanyama. The white flag was visible for the rest of the game.