The heat is going into overtime. According to forecasts by La Chaîne Météo, temperatures will be unprecedented in certain departments, setting records. Lows between 20 and 25°C are expected, and highs between 30 and 42°C. And yes: in around thirty departments, the thermometer could display more than 40°C locally! The weekend should be punctuated by a stormy deterioration in many departments.

The site specializing in meteorology announces that “violent thunderstorms could break out north of the Loire, as well as from the south-west to the north-eastern borders, ending the episode of very strong heat”. In our slideshow below, discover the day when the thunderstorms will rumble at your place. The information provided is based on Météo France forecasts for Thursday June 16, 2022 at 2 p.m. and is subject to change.

Certain behaviors are to be avoided when a storm breaks out while you are outdoors. For example, if you are doing any activity like swimming or biking, stop and take cover. Avoid natural shelters such as caves or isolated trees, prefer to take refuge in a building or in a car. You should also avoid running or taking big steps because this increases the risk of step tension, and the tension would be higher in the event of a lightning strike.