The last Jewish resistance fighters from the Warsaw ghetto is dead. Simcha “Kazik” Rotem died at the age of 94 years in Jerusalem, Israeli media reported on Saturday evening. Red, also known as Kazik Ratajzer, managed to escape in 1943, after heavy Fighting against the Germans, with other comrades, by a sewer from the destroyed ghetto.

Israel head of government Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin paid tribute to the Red as the last fighters of the Warsaw ghetto. Red have fought “against the Nazis and the Jews saved,” wrote Netanyahu on Twitter. After his immigration he had reported in Israel many people of his exploits. “His story and the story of the uprising will accompany our people forever.”

On the 19. April 1943 had begun the Rebellion of the Jewish insurgents, who fought against SS units. The almost month-long battle against the superior German failed at 16. May 1943. His bloody crackdown on the fate of most hitherto surviving Warsaw Jews, who had before the war a third of the population sealed. Thousands were shot to death or deportation to the death camps. The ghetto uprising in 1943 – a year before the Warsaw uprising is considered as the biggest fight vonjuden against her murder by the German national socialists.