Twitter debate – #critical white white people is calling for self-reflection onthe expressions of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement are well and good. But Journalist Malcolm Ohanwe asks for more: He wants that White publicly self-scrutinize. And has launched a Hashtag. 20 Kommentare20Malcolm Ohanwe is a Journalist and Podcaster.Photo: Özgün Turgut

How does it feel, actually, for White, the company’s own skin color to be aware of – and the privileges that go with it? When are White consciously or unconsciously racist, although you would describe yourself actually as a non-racist? These are the questions that the Journalist and Podcaster Malcolm Ohanwe on Twitter, connected with a call: Under the Hashtag #critical white White to be your own White and reflect the consequences.

“We are Black and People of Color are so tired. For us, it is so incredibly tedious and tiring to go to us again and again in the fight and to explain, where racism takes place,” he says. Now the White on the series, their own role in the System, be critically. “Many people think that with a Demo or Post a black tile, it was enough. But that is not true. Now it’s back to work,” says Malcolm. The Journalist asks white people to admit, “that you think is racist and privileges do not have the other people”. And says further: “This is going to hurt, and it has to be.” Anti-racism work, says Malcolm, is not allowed to feel good.

I also want to be the Voyeur.

Malcolm Ohanwe

to bring Him the action is also about white people Thinking. “I want to be the Voyeur. I also want to read and hear how it feels to be white. I want White to be the object of observation.”

hundreds of reactions

On Twitter, the idea has met with a great response. Many tell of how they have accepted their own privilege for a long time as a matter of course and not thinking about the reality of life of Black people and People of Color is often quite different. You will not be able to without a passport from the house or when danger is perceived.

That we all live in racist structures and work and not have long questioned many Users. One of them tells us that she works almost only with white ladies, another that you thought for a long time, “to see no skin colors to be” anti-racist. Also “cultural appropriation” is discussed.

the beige is colorfully referred to the pen of many, of course, as the “skin-colored” pen, is criticized for some time. Because the name shows, what is regarded in our society as the “Norm”.

This user does not-makes it clear that one is automatically racist, when a man is with a black partner or a black Partner.

Many of the show based on personal stories, which privileges with a bright skin color go hand in hand, such as when traveling.

again and again, white people, when for the first Time have become aware that they are white and preferably to be treated reports.

In the Twitter debate, it is clear that racism not only has to do with the skin color.

Not only Malcolm suggests that white people share you know be behind the questions, and the findings open to the public. The journalist Josephine Apraku has started on Instagram a Challenge in the every day issues to white people.

“dear white people on Instagram, I thought a little Instagram Challenge. Every day up to 6. July, there is a question about racism, critical self-reflection, you can on your profile answer,” she writes to. Many people can answer the questions directly in the comments.

It will feel uncomfortable, and you will make mistakes. But this is not necessary.

Malcolm Ohanwe

The Hashtag #critical white a beginning, emphasized the Initiator of the Ohanwe was his. “You have to start, if one is white. It is much too easy to say that you would make anyway it all wrong. It will feel uncomfortable, and you will make mistakes. But it is necessary.”

behind the questions also increased their behavior and their ways of thinking, since the recent protests? Where find yourself in racist everyday structures? Share your experience with disktuieren you – on our Instagram channel.

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