The sky is definitely very agitated. Storms have not stopped passing through the skies of France in recent weeks and the situation is not going to improve in the coming days, since Météo France is forecasting new storms in around sixty departments, after having placed 19 territories in orange vigilance this Monday, June 19. Tuesday will look like the beginning of the week in every way, since 65 departments are on yellow alert from morning to early night. Check the list below this article to see if yours is one of them.

Should we be afraid of thunderstorms or should we protect ourselves in particular? In its latest bulletin, Météo France explains that a storm “can always be dangerous at a given point, because of the power of the phenomena it produces and their random nature”. These can “be violent and sudden”, and lead to serious consequences. Here are those mentioned by the institute.

Fortunately, Météo France reminds you that there are good actions to protect yourself from storms. Here they are :

If your department is affected by thunderstorm vigilance, be sure to take shelter and stay away from windows. Also avoid doing the dishes or taking a shower.