The Icelandic goalkeeper Björgvin Gustavsson has complained to the high load for the players during the Handball world championship in Germany and Denmark. “Any Fool can see what’s going on here. The football should be enjoyed, and I promise, the football here is not enjoyed at the moment in Germany. In each team, you cry about it. This is every year the same Shit,“ said the former Bundesliga goalkeeper in an interview with the football-Podcast circle.

Handball-world Cup in 2019, All of the games at a Glance

Gustavsson also criticised the world Federation President Hassan Moustafa. “Moustafa has the last word. There is only one word and is his word. It doesn’t matter what we do to others,“ said Gustavsson. Iceland was after three defeats in the main round as a table eliminated last in the German group.

Previously had been criticized Iceland’s coach Gudmundur Gudmundsson of the game plan of the Handball world championship focus. “How can you plan something like that? I don’t understand. We have in five days, four tough games. This is not fair and needs to be changed,“ said Gudmundsson at the beginning of the main round. After the preliminary round last week to play on Wednesday against Japan, and on Thursday against Macedonia, Iceland, met in the main round on Saturday on Germany and on Sunday in France.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

“This is dangerous for the Gesundheitder player. You need a rest day. You need to talk,“ said Gudmundsson. The only free day on Friday was a travel day.His criticism of France “prior to the game against us two days of free”, not agreed. The French met on Saturday, European Champions Spain.

Positive news but there are also from the Handball world championship. Even before the semi-final Play on Friday with a spectator record was set. “We have a total result with Denmark, as of today, with as many as 837 000 visitors,” said the Chairman of the Board of the German handball Federation (DHB), Mark Schober, on Thursday morning in Cologne. The was calculated of the games on the Basis of the individual. The previous record had been set with 750,000 spectators at the home world Cup in 2007. “I haven’t seen it yet. And even in hand-ball enthusiasts countries, you don’t get to experience the outside from Germany“, said DHB President Andreas Michel man. On Friday will be held in Hamburg, the two semi-finals, the final and the match for third place will follow on Sunday in Herning, Denmark.

Also in the television of the German games, a quota Renner. The main round-final against European Champions Spain (31:30) persecuted in the ARD in section 9.09 million viewers. The market share stood at 27.2 percent. The highest value for the home world Cup, the ZDF had been achieved during the main round match against Croatia to 10.02 million viewers. This is likely to be surpassed in the semifinals on Friday (20.30 clock in the F. A. Z.-liveticker for the Handball world championship and in the ARD) in Hamburg, Germany against Norway. A final with the participation of the selection of the German handball Federation (DHB) on Sunday in the Danish city of Herning, which would transfer the ZDF. The same is valid for the game for third place.