Battle of the Nations – The global race to the Corona vaccine carries GefahrEin active ingredient against Covid-19 is urgently needed. It alone could endanger global availability, however. Martin Kilian, Washington12 Kommentare12Das the race for the vaccine: anyone Who finds the first active ingredient against Corona ? And whoever remains on the route?Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/Keystone

The development of a successful vaccine against the Coronavirus could take months or even years, in the world but is working on it. On Monday, for example, the American Biotech company Moderna reported first promising results of the vaccine Tests with volunteers, in July, a clinical large-scale trial to follow.

at The Moment there are eight major research approaches, four of which are in China, UK and three US companies, with the Pharma giant Pfizer is cooperating with the German company Biontech. Complicated a world would be more access to a vaccine against Covid-19 however, by nationalistic alone, as well as the desire of rich Nations, such a vaccine first, and at the expense of poorer Nations.

United States are conspicuous by their absence

In the case of a WHO-convened donors conference for a global vaccination project in April, the United States was conspicuous by its absence, although President Trump had already been promised in March, in the development of a vaccine with other Nations to cooperate. “I want a vaccine that works, and would welcome it if another country has with that first success,” Trump said.

in the Meantime, this attitude is considered to be unrealistic: It was “inevitable that the first country can vaccinate its population, will be economically recover faster than the Nations that are in the race for a vaccine in the back,” said Scott Gottlieb, the former head of the U.S. Drug and food administration FDA, last Wednesday, at a conference at Duke University in North Carolina.

“The development of a vaccine is a battle that China must not lose.”

opinion post in the “Global Times”

before the “Wall Steet Journal had represented” in an editorial under the Heading “America, the race for a Coronavirus needs to win-vaccine” in the opinion of the United States “should not rely on the quick availability of vaccines from China or even from Europe”. In the UK, vaccine expected-researchers at the University of Oxford, whose project is one of the most advanced, that the British people will be the first to be vaccinated.

However, a storm of indignation arose, as the Chairman of the Board of the French pharmaceutical group Sanofi said in an Interview with the business service Bloomberg, the US would preferably receive a vaccine, because they funded the research on it significantly. Sanofi had to make then back down.

In China, are heard in vaccine development also nationalist tones. So the Pro-government newspaper “Global Times warned” in front of it, to rely on help from abroad: “The development of a vaccine is a battle that can’t lose China,” it said in an Opinion piece in the sheet.

poor Nations could empty

of particular concern to virologists and vaccine experts is preparing that rich countries could stock up with vaccines and poor Nations would be the losers – like the global flu epidemic of 2009, as developing and emerging countries often had no access to a vaccine.

For poorer countries, it is not done with the production of a Vaccine might include: A vaccine must be Packed and transported, and perhaps even cooled. This could also prove to be a hindrance to the global deployment.

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