1200 kilometers across India – The girl, her injured father home radelteDie 15-year-old Jyoti was driving her father with the Velo from Delhi back to the home village in the Indian state of Bihar. She is celebrated for it, and has only one desire.Arne Perras3 Kommentare3Bewies muscle strength, and perseverance: Jyoti and her father on the way from Delhi in the state of BiharFoto: Reuters

In all the days of toil Jyoti Kumari hardly think that your story soon fill the Indian Newspapers, and even Ivanka Trump, in distant America shake-up would likely have. Jyoti and her father were Stranded, only two out of several million in India. You all have to fight since March and hard for this, under strict Corona-the rules and to survive without a Job. And it 15 was not well-Year-old and her father, who wanted to go home, to 1200 km away from Delhi, the remote village Sirhulli in Bihar, the poorest of all the Indian States. And nowhere a Bus or a train in sight.

Jyotis father could barely walk. Mohan Paswan was injured, no Chance that the two pay attention to foot up the other, which ran out of money. Before the accident the father had earned his money as a driver of an auto rickshaw in the satellite city of Gurugram, southwest of Delhi. However, with the injury he was not able to do it alone. So, he called Jyoti to his daughter. Months before she had to leave school, the family lacked money for books, her father toiled in the distance, but it was not enough.

Strange gave them to eat

Jyoti travelled all the way from Bihar to Gurugram, to take care of the injured father. But then Corona came, and everything was even worse. Rickshaw drivers no longer were allowed to work at all, the Saved melted. As your landlord more violent suspected Jyoti threatened, you throw out, you had to get home, there it was, after all, friends and relatives, on their return, they stop counting were allowed. And so the girl took the last of the rupees, bought for the equivalent of 17 Swiss francs a used bike. Jyoti in the saddle, the father on the Luggage rack, a bag on the Lap. So it went, as Indian Newspapers and TV channels reported that at 30 to 40 degrees in the shade Jyoti had to step in the pedals, always in the direction of the East.

The father did not believe in it: girl, he asked, how is this going to go? This was not a trip, you had to cross through India. They slept at gas stations, they were hungry. Strangers and gave them food, and sometimes even ridicule from harvested, but on the way: people were laughing they knew nothing of the injury of the father, and you. A girl who abkämpfte to swing their father around? Where there was so what?

But Jyoti was not deterred, she kept her goal in mind: to dad to bring home, which she had promised Mama. In order to reach the mother, had to Jyoti borrow on-the-go time and again a mobile phone. Then she was busy trying to calm your mom. You would make it. Only rarely, father and daughter were lucky that a truck or a tractor stopped to take a piece. Most of the time they are cycled, tell Jyoti and her father, almost a hundred kilometers per day. After ten days it was done.

Now Jyoti health Ambassador

Since its homecoming, the girl has given many Interviews to the media: “the lion-heart called”. Your story has moved finally, Ivanka Trump, on Twitter, she praised Jyotis force, called an Inspiration for many Indians. A columnist for the platform, “The Print” saw it a little differently. He found that one should not condition the case of Jyoti’s novel, rather, it should shame India. So many migrant workers are left to fend for themselves, waiting in vain for promised aid from the state.

Jyoti a lot of offers now: The Cycling Association invites you to train with the national team. A Minister wants to make a “health Ambassador”. The to feel good, says Jyoti. But most of all, you will probably be happy that the state has enrolled in a high school. Jyoti, the cycled your father home, now has a new goal in mind: “I want to learn again and my tests create,” she says.

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