ARD-“Tatort” is still the most common TV format in Germany, but loses for years at a high level to viewers. This is clear when one looks at the average rate. In the case of a first broadcast of a “Tatort”-thrillers 8.65 million people were in the year 2018 in the section in front of the screen. The average rate was so in 2018, the lowest since 2011. The evaluation of the program Directorate of the First German television in Munich. The average market share remained at 24.9 percent, about the same (year-on-year to 25.0 percent in an average 8,91 million viewers). 2016 9.02 million viewers watched, on average, each new episode of the ARD series. In 2015, there were still about 9.5 million.

2018 fluctuated, the rates enormously. So nine of the 37 thrillers had more than ten million viewers – in the year 2017, the only five movies (at the time 35). However, in 2018 also had six thrillers under seven million viewers.

The lowest number of spectators had the Swiss result, “The music is the last to die” on 5. August – a murder mystery Experiment, which was filmed without any cut. The second worst section of 2016 in the cinema ran, and now in the middle of the summer – on 8. July – placed crime “Tschiller – Off Duty” with Til Schweiger, the only 5,33 million saw. End of the year the number of spectators fell sharply, the last three films to Christmas and between the years (23.12., 26.12. and 30.12.) landed all seven million viewers.

The last new “crime scene” of the year with the title “or die” from Switzerland in the evening (30.12 had to eat on Sunday.) on average 6.49 million viewers (19.3 percent market share).

The most popular, as usual, Münster. The “scene of the crime: the snake pit” with Jan Josef Liefers and Axel Prahl – the only Film with the Munster Team this year – came on the 27. May to 12,16 million viewers. It is the Cologne a result of the “eyesores” with 11.5 million viewers on may 21. January and Dresdner Thriller “Déjà-vu” with 10,69 million on 28. January.