Thabo Sefolosha – “Floyd, I would have been able to be”The Swiss NBA basketball player was arrested five years ago, even innocent and injured. Now the pictures come up again.Adrian HunzikerThabo Sefolosha says it needs a change. Him pictures of his own arrest came up when the Video of George Floyd. KEYSTONE2015 he had been in New York arrested, the police had used violence and the Swiss the broken leg. KEYSTONE… and, most recently, the Houston Rockets. There, his contract expires at the end of the season – the season was interrupted due to the Corona pandemic. KEYSTONE1 / 9

it All comes up. The Police. The Violence. The Arrest. The Pain.

The physical pain, a broken leg, are gone. The emotional pain never went away, now stoked again.

Thabo Sefolosha is angry. The Swiss basketball team, which is engaged in the North American NBA with the Houston Rockets, can’t believe it. Thus, the 36 says-Year-old what is happening currently in the United States. He has seen the Video of the police brutality that culminated in the killing of George Floyd’s,. “I was appalled by what I saw. I would have been able to be,” says Sefolosha, compared to AP.

distrust of law

His encounter with police came up the novel again. They had attacked him in April, 2015 in New York, when they arrested him outside of a club, like Sefolosha, describes itself. In the process, they broke him a leg. This encounter with the police has left guardians when Sefolosha is a deep distrust of the law. He still gets anxiety when he enters an NBA Arena and uniformed police officers looks.

“of Course I’m angry. It is the year 2020. No one should have to in this time through so what. Specifically, after African-Americans have sacrificed so much in America. You have done so much for this country. It hurts so much to see it that way,” said the Swiss, who has been playing since 2006 in the NBA.

He got right in front of the court

His arrest in New York have changed him, Yes, greatly changed. “I had to go to court to prove my innocence. It moved me really deep into the System and I am very sceptical about this System.” The court gave him right, he had been unjustly arrested, because he had resided in the vicinity of a stabbing. He sued the city of New York, $ 50 million should it be. He gave 4 million dollars to be satisfied – it was agreed out of court and donated the most money.

“It is time for a change. This needs to be our priority,” said Sefolosha. Because, the Romand more, the fight would last too long, also the protests. “In Minneapolis, three people to look with a badge, like a different person kills someone. Instead of saying, “Ok, this is my task as a human being”, they decided not to intervene and they said: “We are a group, we stick together, no matter what happens.” It should be exactly Vice versa.”