Promising on paper, the architecture of the Ford Explorer has so far only delivered its full potential in terms of pleasure in its boiling ST version. The latter is not suitable for everyone. For the “miser” Explorers, the supercharged four-cylinder engine that powers them displays more temperament than the 2.4L turbo of the Grand Highlander, but the 10-speed transmission is affected by languor. In terms of interior layout, the Explorer takes advantage of its larger dimensions to offer better interior and cargo space. Note that the Explorer also raises its hood to a hybrid engine. This one fails to launch as quickly and consume as sparingly as that of the Grand Highlander Hybrid MAX.

Honda is revamping its Pilot this year. More wrapped up than the model it replaces, this SUV doesn’t actually offer more interior clearance than the Grand Highlander. However, the Pilot stands out for its modularity, its more developed off-road capabilities and more responsive all-wheel drive. To this must be added a similar towing capacity for the entire range and a beefy engine. But good ? We can blame it for the lack of a hybrid engine (for now) to reduce its environmental footprint, or the “smallness” of its infotainment screen.

Volkswagen will soon offer a refreshed version of the Atlas. Apart from the aesthetic changes, the important thing to remember from this redesign will be the redesign carried out under the hood. The gluttonous 3.6L V6 was begged out. The German SUV now relies solely on the supercharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine to drive it. Volkswagen’s proposal will appeal to consumers looking for a versatile and spacious vehicle. In both areas, the Atlas has nothing to envy the Grand Highlander. On the other hand, the quality of the materials leaves something to be desired and the finish appeared to be perfectible on the models tested so far.