Sofia Casanova a poet at the court of Alfonso XII to the correspondent in the den of the wild beasts of the bolsheviks
Sofia Casanova a poet at the court of Alfonso XII to the correspondent in the den of the wild beasts of the bolsheviks

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Sofia Casanova (“Babunitka” to his family and to “Sofitina” for others) it is a Rosalia past, instead of by the street of the Crossbow (on the 13 of that picantona street madrid writes Rosalia “Flower”), by the soviet Revolution , whose crimes described as a correspondent for ABC with a pen of wood and ink Pelikán blue and black.

–I Know Spain –says Trotsky, who interview “in the den of the wild beasts”–. I have good memories, although the Police “comme de raison” treated me bad. My friend Paul’s Churches was now in a Sanatorium.

To Trotsky, whose cartoon comic plays today in the theater Spanish Errejón, what he had interviewed in the dungeon madrid the Knight’s Bold, that it looks like Pio Baroja. Is enchiquerado for falsification of passport.

–The tab is bug-ridden –complains the future creator of the Red Army–. Put that I am a cossack, peasant, vagabond and cuatrero. I come from an israelite family, and I have not ridden in my life on horseback! My passport is extended to my real name, Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Leon Trotsky is my pseudonym, as you are a Knight Bold. I am not to blame that the police ignore this.

Blonde, green-eyed , Sofia the leave you blind “in a clash of bolshevik in Petrograd. Gallega de Almeiras, at the age of twelve is set in Madrid, protected by Campoamor, is entered in the court poetry of Alfonso XII , the king of the Pact of Pardo (the another Transition!), consensus (then, crafting) that Sánchez-Albornoz puts in the mouth of the Peacemaker, of 27 years, on his death-bed:

–Cristinita [Maria Cristina of Habsburg, his wife], do not cry, everything can be arranged in Spain. Saves the c…, and de Cánovas a Sagasta and Sagasta to Cánovas.

attributed to the like Sofia Casanova with the infanta Eulalia de Borbón , youngest daughter of Isabel II, the affection that he takes the King, in whose court literary swarming/crashing, a Polish eccentric, friend of Plato and of fasting, come to Spain to study the pessimism of the hand of Campoamor, which is a optimistic of beating: it’s called Wincenty Lutosławski and was home with Sofia, “because we have predicted that the man that free Poland will be born of a Spanish mother”.

Prized by 98 , the pessimism is the pith of the moment, and the same Ortega rises up against the Royal Order, 1920, which imposes on the reading of don Quixote in the schools, by the deep pessimism , according to him, soaks the key work of the decadent Spanish: reading school lastraría promotions calls to raise and modernize the country, prejudice that today it fades to the view of how the country and the promotions that they ignore even the name of Cervantes.

In the chronicles of Sophia Casanova , to hear with the eyes (the phenomenon of hearing colored, so dear to Rimbaud, discover Baroja, in 1899, to the readers of the “Magazine New”), still moves to its distance spiritual to take a peek at the “hell of a bolshevik” casting hand “phrases in chinese”, that kind of phrases, said madame de Staël, that contain more bows than words.

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