Algerian-Canadian singer Jade Above, who describes himself as “eternally unhappy”, recently released his new single, Joue le jeu. also made stronger and confident. The song begins with an introduction by Rita Baga, which sets the stage for a dance piece, entirely written and produced by the singer-songwriter. With this new release, Jade Above ushers in a new era for her engaging pop and R music.

The band Bon Enfant have just released their latest single, Aire de Plastique, just in time for their upcoming major European tour. Winner of the Félix for rock group of the year last year, the formation presents a piece with perfectly summery and festive pop accents. On piano tunes with “fatboyslimesque overtones”, Aire de Plastique is an ode to life that talks about the gift we give ourselves when we allow ourselves to reach a freer state of mind. Tapping of hands and feet set the pace, while leader Daphnée Brissette sings “In my plastic area / A free and magnetic force / It’s a state of mind / Strange and magnificent”. A catchy piece to listen to on repeat.

Taken from the fourth installment of the Directors Cut series by American rapper Ransom and Quebec producer Nicholas Craven, War Dogs is a track that once again demonstrates the excellent chemistry of the duo. We could qualify Ransom as an MC pedagogue as his technique commands attention. His impeccable diction and brilliantly constructed phrases are magnified by a drumless beat from Craven. The powerful vocal sample is more than enough to punctuate the song which benefits from a verse by rapper Che Noir. Accustomed to collaborations with Ransom, she delivers one of the best lines of the song: “Rappers think it’s they time, I’m like a reschedule to ’em”.