In Moscow and London, one begins to be rough. At least on the broadcasting sector. As the “Guardian” reported online to be a list published, the Reporter refers to the work in Russia for the BBC. This was in Russia last under increasing political pressure.

First, the list will be appeared on the Russian Social Media platform VKontakte, in a group called “For Mother Russia”. Different platforms and Websites are widely used and were added to the list, according to “the Guardian”. So a Russian news page to provide the list with photos from Social Media profiles and public sources and re-published.

is where the information was obtained is unclear. The list contains, however, only those journalists accredited to the Russian government. Most of them are Russian citizens in the service of the BBC World Service, which was developed in Russia in the past years increasingly.

The publication is presumably a further consequence of, and retaliation within the cut and thrust, has been going on for some time between Britain and Russia, and around their respective stations, the BBC and RT (formerly “Russia Today”),.

The “Times” had published in the last week, names and pictures of eight reporters working in the UK’s office of the Russian news Agency “Sputnik”. In the “For Mother Russia”group in “VKontakte” was condemned by a user of the approach of the “Times” according to “the Guardian” wrote, you would put the Russian journalists “under psychological pressure”. He added: “Under the combination of different sources, we present to you a list ,fablern’ and dreamers of the Moscow Bureau of the BBC.”Officially, Russia had about the RT-list of Times alert is shown: This process is threatening the journalists of Sputnik, it was called.