The challenge is coming to an end: after promising to release 11 albums in 1111 days, here she is, releasing discs number 8 and 9. Lynda Lemay keeps pace. It’s hardly surprising: she released an album every two years on average before embarking on her big project, and most offered more than 15 songs. It was therefore known to be prolific.

Critically incorrect (bad taste and bad experiences) brings together 11 songs with sometimes humorous text where Lynda Lemay dares to have a more runny tone. There are pieces of harmless irony, such as the one where she lists the habits of each other at the table (Y’a personne qui mange similar) and this other which is in fact a sort of bestiary of bad body odors (Nausea … Oh good).

But on this “incorrect” disc, the author also tackles hard subjects. Air Ducts speaks of child abuse with heartfelt horror. Confessions of a Narcissist portrays these personalities who rot the lives of others and only repent when it is too late. Red Thread evokes another drama involving a child, without saying everything, but without taking too many detours either.

Lynda Lemay stays true to herself: she sometimes leaves too little room for the imagination and doesn’t dare enough in terms of the arrangements, quite conventional, which we can however understand given the pace of production that she imposed herself. However, it must also be recognized that she is not lacking in inspiration and self-mockery, that she is a skilled portrait painter and that she also masters the art of giving the impression of talking about one thing in order to say one. other (Cash cow). And then, Lynda Lemay has an essential talent when telling a story: the sense of the fall.