Following the difficulties caused by their job, nursing assistants are classified in the so-called active category. They can therefore retire earlier than planned, that is to say from the age of 57. The Ségur de la santé has also recently committed to upgrading their careers after the recent health crisis. How is their retirement going now?

The profession of nursing assistant provides support and care to the sick, as well as to people facing a lack of autonomy. As a result, a nursing assistant accompanies the nurses in their tasks and assists them throughout the care process. This activity can thus be carried out in a hospital environment or be carried out in social establishments. Even today, 90% of it is exercised by women, even if male caregivers are also present. It is possible to practice, according to the choice of each, as civil servants or private employees.

In the private sector, nursing assistants are attached to the pension plan for private sector employees. They therefore have the option of retiring at age 62 at the earliest, unless they are eligible for early retirement. In this case, you must have obtained a validation for disability, hardship or long career. A basic retirement pension granted by the Retirement Insurance is thus provided. In the public sector, caregivers are associated with the National Pension Fund for Local Authority Agents (CNRACL). In addition to their basic pension, they also receive a pension from the additional civil service scheme, RAFP.