Since the adoption of the pension reform and as its implementation looms, the French are worried. After demonstrating for many months for their retirement, this controversial text will finally become the norm for future retirees. Between long careers, early retirement and raising the legal retirement age, questions still abound around this project with more or less vague outlines. In order to dispel certain doubts, Retirement Insurance and Agirc-Arrco have decided to set up personalized appointments for future retirees. What are they for ?

As with every major change, there are many questions surrounding the pension reform while the gradual publication of the decrees gradually dispels the first doubts. However, the French today need to be reassured after several months of mobilization and the main organizations concerned have decided to provide them with clarification on certain questions. Until June 23, Retirement Insurance and Agirc-Arrco are indeed organizing the “Retirement meetings” operation, where retirees can obtain personalized answers to their requests.

In this particular context, each retiree has the opportunity to be listened to by an adviser and to ask questions specific to their situation. In this way, he can know, with more certainty, his legal retirement age, the steps to take, but also the consequences on his future pension. Since the launch of the operation, a real tidal wave has passed since the agenda of the Retirement Insurance is always full under the magnitude of the requests.

For the French, this organization allows them to get an appointment, where each question can be addressed with precision. For thirty minutes, an insured has the opportunity to ask all the questions about his personal case in order to be reassured about his future and the contours of his future retirement.

For some, it is important to know how the quarters will be taken into account in the calculation of their pension, while others wonder about their retirement age. Depending on the generation, the situations differ and, despite the official simulator being put online, some retirees continue to struggle to retrieve the information corresponding to their requests.

All of these meetings are also able to answer any questions you may have about gradual retirement or the buy-back of quarters. As Zakia Guermouche, manager of the Rosny-sous-Bois agency, explained to Capital, “only individual meetings can answer your personal questions precisely”.

Faced with the multiplicity of situations and careers, it is therefore essential to have support, which can be facilitated by this type of meeting. According to Valérie Desruels, technical referent, “the more it is done upstream, the better”. She also specifies that it is possible to make an appointment with an advisor at any time, without any age barrier.