A motorist is waiting barreled in Recklinghausen in a group of people at a bus stop and killed a man, and eight other persons injured. A police spokeswoman on Thursday night. The driver was badly hurt in the accident and was taken to a hospital. Five more people came in surrounding clinics. The accident victim who was fatally injured, died in the hospital. Three of the injured were treated at the scene. The age and gender of the victim’s and the injured, the spokesperson made no statements.

The cause of the accident remained unclear. The first signs, according to the spokesperson, a suicide attempt by the driver. “We go,” she said. Other accident causes are not excluded, however. The age of the driver, they made no disclosures. According to initial information, the investigator, the man was on a road in the direction city center on the road, as he got out of his road and slid to the opposite side. There he drove in a bus shelter waiting crowd. According to firefighters, the station was almost full.

The rescue workers, a confusing picture offered when you Arrive. Among other things, an employee of a neighboring orthodontics practice helped in the care of the wounded. After the accident, the road had to be closed, and traffic chaos was created in order to reckling houses downtown.