(Montreal) Regardless of the air quality, the Quebec Games, which will take place in just over two weeks, will not be canceled, said the director general of Sports Quebec, Isabelle Ducharme.

Last Sunday, major sporting events had to be canceled due to poor air quality, namely the Ironman de Mont-Tremblay and the Montreal triathlon. The Jeux du Québec, which will take place from July 21 to 29 in Rimouski, will not meet the same fate.

“We will not go to the cancellation of the Quebec Games, there are indoor events,” said Isabelle Ducharme, general manager of Sports Quebec, in an interview on Sunday.

“Depending on the conditions, depending on what we have at the time, we will take action,” she continued.

Ms. Ducharme says sports activities have not yet been canceled in eastern Quebec due to poor air quality.

If the forest fires cause a deterioration of the air quality in the Rimouski region, at the time of the competition, modifications to the schedule or adjustments concerning the type of events could be made.

Sports Quebec also says it is in communication with Bas-Saint-Laurent Public Health to make decisions about air quality.

The Quebec Games present each year a sports program reserved for athletes aged 12 to 17. Summer Games Finals are held in even-numbered years.