(Paris) The general public marathon of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris will take place in the evening of August 10, 2024 in particular “to reduce the impact of temperature”, the organizers said Thursday in a press release.

The general public marathon (42,195 km), open to amateurs, will take the same route (Paris-Versailles-Paris) as the men’s Olympic marathon, run on the same day.

The start of this “marathon for all”, a first in the history of the Olympic Games, will be given on August 10, 2024 from Paris City Hall at 9 p.m. A 10 km is also on the program and will start at 11:30 p.m.

This is to “guarantee participants optimal racing conditions. This schedule could in particular reduce the impact of the temperature at this time of the year, ”explained the organizers.

Some 40,000 amateur runners will be able to start these two races (20,024 per race), which will not establish a classification. There are still 35,000 bibs to be awarded.

The organizing committee allocates bibs, in particular through various challenges via the Paris 2024 club. Orange, official sponsor of the marathon, is organizing a relay marathon on June 17 in the evening with 5,000 runners, which will allow 1,000 bibs to be allocated.