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“Aceites Abril” of the ourensanos Luis and Jorge Pérez Canal , is the first leader of the Sea Regatta of Maeloc Rías Altas, organised by the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, after held the first stage between the marinas of Vigo and of Combarro in the full ria of Pontevedra. The second stage which will begin at the edge of the twelve-and-a-half of… leading to the large fleet that is competing and representing all the bay of Biscay, Galicia and Portugal, in the province of La Coruña… to A Pobra do Caramiñal, with 17 miles ahead of us to the “cruise” and 26 for the fast boats, which will leave half an hour later.

Stop in the ría de Vigo before a northwest that were delayed… to the point that the fleet remained on standby in waters near the mythical Cies islands more than an hour. Already past two in the afternoon, with winds of 8 knots from the northeast, began the 57 edition of the “Rías” for classes 4, 5 Open and Sportboats… 30 minutes later you do the ORC 0, 1, 2, and 3… with all the favorites in the competition,

The fleet was soon put in to the Coast of the Candle (which by way of pediment natural separating the rias of Vigo and Pontevedra), very well known by the sailors for having a lot of difficulty… the first to leave were the giants of the Open class, that reached very soon the finish line…

The winner in real-time the herculino “Bionic Elk” Club de Mar San Amaro with a time of 02.49.41, who was second in compensated time…. First was the “Txole” of the Monte Real Yacht Club, and third the “Pottoka” of the pattern Around the World (solo) Unai Basurko’s Pakea Basque country.

Among the monotypes that compete in the so-called class Sportboard, is imposed Guillermo Alonso with the “Freckles”, followed by “Pazo de Cea” and “Maija”.

But the ointment was among the boats called racing, not making a direct course to Combarro, because they had to go up to the “Camouco” of the Ons islands… so we rode about 5 more miles. Of all the great group the fastest in real was the Swan 45 “Heave-Yes, Too” skippered by the component of the Spanish team of Youngs Americas Cup Luis Bugallo. Your time 03.09.37, what he was worth to be corrected the fourth at the beginning of the Rías Baixas.

victory in the group 0-1 was the “Oils April” of the Perez Canal, seconds were those of Julio Rodriguez and Gonzalo Araujo with the San 42 “Magical” recent winner of the Trofeo Conde de Gondomar and third “Solventis” with Malalo Bermúdez de Castro to the cane… rooms Luis Bugallo with the Swan 45 “Heave-Yes Too), fifth “Arroutado” by José Manuel Pérez del Real Club Náutico de Portosín… shutting down the group of favorites, the “Alpega” from Iñigo Arriola of the Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting Club de Getxo.

Among the class 2 the great favorite, the “Bosch Service Solutions” it had to settle for second place with partial, as the winner in Combarro was the Portuguese “Lighthouse Fine” a fast Mumm 30. The bronze medal in the stage and fell in favor of the asturian “Antípole” Club Bahia de Gijon… being the fourth “Juancamaría3” Perez Olmedo at the Yacht Club of Combarro, and the fifth is for the “Aldán” of the Naval School of Marín.

In group 3, which is that of the boats of smaller length between the “competitive”, won the “Deep Blue 2.1” of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, second place for the “Mock Black” of the ourensano club of Castrelo de Miño, closing the provisional podium the “Maracana” of the Nautical Club of Panjón.

Finally, in the categories of the boats of smaller length, the first three of each group were the following: Class 4 earned, “James Rome ” Rías Baixas” of the Club Náutico de Beluso, followed by the “To Píllara” the Yacht Club Marina Ribeira and the “Marcolfo” of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo… in the 5 leader of the “Orlando” by Gerardo Sánchez of the Club Náutico de Boiro, second, “Piko North” of the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña and third “Korrikalari” of the marina of Beluso.

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