Trump accused Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, that they would not have prevented the people from leaving their homeland for the USA. The U.S. government would emphasise, therefore, the aid to these countries or noticeably shorten.

Several thousand migrants from Central America are on the way in the United States – in spite of all the warnings, the Mexican authorities and the threats Trumps, the had already spread in the past few days. The group had started walking about a week ago in San Pedro Sula in Honduras.

corruption, human rights violations and poverty

Honduras is because of the strong presence of youth gangs as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. In addition, corruption, human rights violations, and poverty shape the lives of many Hondurans. 66 percent of people were in the year 2016, according to the world Bank as poor. Many families only see the escape as a way out.

On Monday, was the migrant group in Tapachula in the Mexican state of Chiapas. The people spent the night in the Parks and squares of the city in the South of Mexico. Initially, it was unclear whether they wanted to continue on Huixtla, or about Villa Comaltitlán your way in the direction of the North. Up to the US border from Tapachula from about 3800 kilometers.

According to the organizers, have joined the group now 7500 people. Official Numbers it was first.

people called for, to apply in Mexico, asylum

The Mexican government called on the migrants, to register formally for an entry. Currently, they are irregular in Mexico, warned the head of the regional migration authority, Francisco Echeverría. They could not so continue.

Trump had called the people also, to apply in Mexico, asylum, and announced that they would have no Chance to enter the United States. So far, the Appeals remained unheard.

Trump had threatened to close the border to Mexico, and emphasized that he will this time call the national guard, but the regular armed forces. Whether the law would be appropriate, is unclear. A Federal law prohibits U.S. armed forces, as a police to enforce violence in the United States the law.

The US President claimed on Monday again, among the migrants, Criminals. This Thesis he had spread on Friday – without explaining, however, on what information this statement is based. Also Unknown from the Middle East were mixed among the group, wrote Trump on Monday on Twitter. He gave the opposition Democrats of the blame for the development and accused them, they would have prevented more stringent migration laws.

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