New platform – Nude in Lockdown money nThe Grassi deserve to end unemployment in the U.S. is driving more and more young women to sell naked pictures of themselves – apparently a lucrative source of income. Felix Stephan24 Kommentare24Ein monthly subscription costs about 10 dollars: On only fans are women (and a few men) sell pictures of themselves.

One of the great promises of the platform Economy is that you are tearing the last of the market barriers. With Uber, the private car, with Airbnb’s own home and with Instagram the own everyday life, to the source of Profit is. In this context, the platform Only makes untapped potential: On the page, which was founded by a former investment banker, is to sell your own Nude pictures. On only fans, everyone can set up a profile, his body photographed and for the images of set a price.

the generic masculine collides at this point with the fact that it is in the self-employed entrepreneurs only fans of course, mainly young women. One of the most successful among them is the American Elle said recently, the platform was something like “the farmer’s market of pornography”: The product from the producer directly to the consumer.

At the beginning of the platform, especially by professionals was used, which could switch off the intermediary and to work on their own terms. The rampant unemployment in the United States in the Wake of the Corona-crisis has now accelerated, however, here, too, developments that have been observed before. The user numbers are in the shot. And on the other, the site is flooded by beginners, which can make the professionals the subscribers in dispute.

influencer inner platform

Just women who have earned their living as influencers of the interior, now open only to fans Accounts, because they are dependent for the Influencen in General, to glistening beaches and hotel lobbies, but they are closed until Further notice. change At least the Flirting with the platform has become in the English-speaking world to a kind of darker style of practice. As Beyoncé mentioned the platform in a recent Song, was one of the companies, an increase in the number of users by 15 percent.

The model “image of money” seems at first sight to some to be a lucrative source of income. According to the platform, the Model deserves Jem Wolfie up to 100’000 dollars per month at a subscription price of $ 10 per month. On Youtube, others only fans-Users of reports from the lower revenue they are supposedly still several Thousand dollars per month.

How humiliating to find all this depends, as always, from the point of view. In feminist theory there is a strand which sees it as a Form of self-empowerment to consider their own body as a capital, and the Patriarchate, the simple resell of notions of femininity back. While in Germany or in Switzerland is that the corona-related restrictions have a relapse in the conservative role patterns to follow, offers only the fans of the women, at least in theory, the Alternative, instead of being a housewife, for example, Tracey Emin, who has done it with their intimate self-portraits, after all, in the art-historical Canon.

on the Other hand, reason to believe, that it is not the majority of providers on only fans, first and foremost, to problematize Patriarchal concepts of femininity, but to pay the rent for. The success of the platform is told mainly a story of inequality. During the can spend your money only online, others have nothing to sell than their body.

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