Motorhome: maintenance, fuel… What is its real cost?


Whether it is to travel until the end of the night or to the end of the world, the motorhome is the ideal vehicle. The phenomenon has existed for many years and continues to grow today.

Since the health crisis, more and more people are thinking of investing in a motorhome but are hesitating because it is an expensive vehicle and which can, in addition, bring certain costs. However, it is important to be well informed because, in reality, it is possible to afford a motorhome for all price ranges.

Some are available second-hand for less than 10,000 euros and others can be much more expensive. It is therefore necessary to determine your needs to orient yourself at best.

Once the motorhome has been purchased, it must now be insured. Again, prices vary widely. According to the Uni VDL, the Syndicate of Recreational Vehicles, “the motorhome is generally very little exposed to accidents, the price of insurance is therefore quite advantageous”.

This is for two main reasons. First of all, these are vehicles that drive less regularly than others. They are most often borrowed for long trips, whether on weekends or on vacation.

As a result, driving is generally more relaxed on long journeys than on short daily journeys, explains one of the members of Uni VDL.

Thus, according to the specialized site Serenitrip, the price of third-party insurance for a motorhome starts at around 150 to 200 euros. This price is of course variable according to the range of motorhome and other factors.

With rising prices, petrol stations have become borderline nightmarish places for many French people. However, it is a compulsory passage for all motorists, but also for motorhomes.

“Motorhomes run on diesel and have almost all the same types of tank, with a capacity of around 70 litres. This allows for sufficient autonomy given that these types of vehicles generally consume between 10 and 13 litres. per 100 kilometres”, specifies the Uni VDL.

For the Leisure Vehicles Union, “The maintenance recommendations are exactly the same for a motorhome as for a classic car. You have to drain the oil, change the tires frequently, technical checks follow the same specificities as cars , the same for the gray card. In general, the maintenance of a motorhome will not cost much more than that of a car.”

In reality, the motorhome is an expensive product to buy, but not so much for maintenance. This vehicle saves accommodation costs by paying almost nothing but fuel.