Armed to the Lauberhorn race – Lehmann complains of immovable WengenerDer Swiss Ski President is committed to the tradition of occasion – but not at any price. His solution proposals are not taken in Wengen, however, was quite serious.Philipp Rindlisbacher0 comment Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann calls “The Wengener organizers have finally think of a commercial.”Photo: Ennio Leanza (Keystone)

Urs against Urs, the sun king, the sun king. The race is a Urs Näpflin, head of organization of the Lauberhorn, since this Wednesday, according to. He attacks Swiss-Ski, shoot verbally sharp, in the role of victim. The other Urs Lehmann, President of Swiss ski, is criticized – but to the astonishment of many, for the time being nothing. Until he starts on late Friday afternoon at a press conference to a multi-minute monologue.

At the direction of Swiss-Ski Wengen is in the provisional world Cup calendar 2021/2022. Lehmann says that the Situation is good (“he knew from the dispute, would turn over the former Lauberhorn-in-chief Viktor Gertsch in the grave”). He stresses the importance of the classic (“Switzerland needs him”). He clarifies a few things (“we want to take away from Wengen, neither the race, yet we are not prepared to negotiate”). And he presents suggestions to resolve the escalated dispute, the obvious, but anything other than a revolutionary sound. The Aargauer himself speaks of “the well-known approaches”. Which is why it would be, in and of itself is strange, you would contribute to cooling in hot climate.

Good technicians, bad marketers

Lehmann shows three steps of the case Wengen to be solved. Point 1 marketing is: he Praises the Wengener organizers for their technical skill, so he referred to you as a bad seller, speaks of the large commercial deficits. “The ideas, the organization is placed in the Committee, to little good,” says the 51-Year-old, which criticized pre-marketing managers Andreas Rickenbacher.

“We can’t eat but VIPs, but the Training of Beat Feuz save.”

Urs Lehmann

In the Bernese Oberland, a rethink needs to take place, says Lehmann, which is correct. The proposal to tighten about the dog’s tuft of a advertising sheet, rejected the Wengener up to now, strictly, primarily for traditional reasons. The VIP area is in deficit designed, even at full capacity, he does not make a profit. Lehmann says: “We can’t entertain VIPs, but the Training of Beat Feuz save.” He calls for a turn-in.

point 2 of the public sector is expected, by the Lehmann is a commitment to the occasion. In the Valais and in Grisons, the support for organisers of ski racing to be substantially higher. Wherein it is to be noted that in the Canton of Bern, the development of tourism act only allows for may 2018, recurring Support of the world Cup race. The Swiss Ski President hopes to deficit guarantees, he wants to help at the Bridge, and expects the help of local Policy measures that are demand by means of open letter, the Fort of the Lauberhorn race. “From Wengen, it was last but always First, we want money from you, then we go to Canton.”

The allegation: False information

Lehmann could fix convinced that the first two points are implemented unless correctly – the Wengener financial problem. And should the absence due to special circumstances, but a little money, Swiss-Ski is ready to offer a Hand. The fact of the Association even after the cancellation three years ago: 140’000 Swiss francs were paying, before going to the International court of arbitration for sport (CAS) was something of a handshake is possible. “We can and want to help,” says Lehmann, the mention of 100’000 francs as a possible amount for extraordinary situations. The court required additional Million per harvest, however, is utopian, “and who studied the Wengener income statement, the realize that it takes so much at all”.

“Urs Lehmann will not have to seriously feel in order to get through.”

Urs Näpflin

the Lauberhorn-in-chief, Urs Näpflin, in turn, is glad that “Swiss Ski signals now, finally, willingness to talk – we’ve been waiting for three years”. The solution approach is addressed, cannot resist a Näpflin a Smile, however. “Urs Lehmann will not have to seriously feel in order to get through. The Basis of the conversation is the decision of the CAS.” And this suggests a victory of the Wengener.

Lehmann says: “we Need to pay for the years 2017 to 2021, a Million, we are threatened existentially.” Because the judgment would have retroactive consequences. Näpflin says, nobody wanted to ruin the Federation. His proposal for an amicable settlement, he does not want to make public, he makes but by the look that the property is certainly less than the alleged Million per year would give. “Swiss-Ski has made a false Declaration. It would have been nice if we’d been invited to this press conference to our view of things to explain.”

The conversation with Federal councillor Amherd

The structural deficit amounts to about 300’000 Swiss francs per harvest. Näpflin wants more money from the marketing to the take care of Swiss-Ski since 2016 with its own AG. Since then, the contributions to Wengen were increased from 1.9 to 2.2 million, the income from the TV Rights, instead it is included in full to the Association, which is referred to Näpflin as unacceptable. Especially since the TV contract in 2017, has been significantly improved.

Swiss skiing the Wengen race in the long-term calendar with the placeholder “SUI” has noted, is a tricky one, even if it has been handled by other Nations already. FIS President Gian Franco Kasper let it be known, it must be clear about the venue, Mr. And he made it clear that the Lauberhorn race should not be deleted. On Monday, a session is planned at the International ski Federation.

Also, Urs Lehmann wants in the future in Wengen hazards, “but not at any price”. Perhaps it took the public quarrel, in any case, the movement seems to come in the thing. On Thursday morning, the parties will meet to exchange ideas, in the afternoon, a conversation with Federal councillor Viola Amherd, the Bernese state councillor Christoph Ammann and Matthias Remund, the Director of the Fospo, is planned.

Then it means for once: Urs, with Urs.

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